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Coastal Critters

Coastal Critters

These designs feature native animals to the Carolina Coast. The characters convey a relaxed, carefree mood that washes over a person after they spend a few days in the Carolina coastal sun amoungst the palm trees, hot sands and warm coastal breezes.

The mundane nine to five becomes “Welcome to the coastal vibe!”

Hometown Critters

Hometown Critters

These designs use clever phrases associated with local towns which feature critters that complement the phrase. Animals that are featured may not be animals that are native to the Carolina coastal region but add a distinct purpose – or – porpoise, to the overall offering of the menagerie of Carolina Coastal Critters.

Stray Critters

This area is for discontinued designs, test products, and shirt colors that did not become the final choice. Maybe someday these will be collectors items. Some of these items have a tiny printer defect that requires a reduced rate for retail. Definitely worth a visit to this section and a recommended frequent visit as items will come and go just like the receding tide leaving behind sparkling ocean treasures!


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Excellent Customer Service

Carolina Coastal Critters uses the US Postal Service for shipping and the combined power of WordPress and Woo Commerce which connects intuitive hassle-free shopping with the latest advancements in online shipping.

Quality Materials

Carolina Coastal Critter shirts are 100% cotton Comfort Colors brand t-shirts, the same brand that the Life is Good (TM) brand uses. Comfort Colors shirts hold up well and, just like with a pair of your favorite jeans, look even better with the more wear they receive.

Local Business

Currently the Critter shirts are being sold retail in select Hallmark locations and NOFO at Five Points in downtown Raleigh, NC. Watch for updates to this section as more locations will join the Carolina Coastal Critters network of local retail outlets!